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Rescue Type 17 WoodBinder

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  • • Designed to be used as a “rescue screw”. This fastener will replace nails or smaller diameter fasteners that have loosened & backed out of steel roofing over time.
  • • 5/16” HWH with bonded sealing washer will completely cover existing hole, even if elongated by movement in the metal roof.
  • • Type 17 point will help clean the existing hole so that oversized threads can tap & generate maximum holding strength.
  • • EPDM rubber is vulcanized to the steel washer to prevent delamination & form an excellent seal even when driven at an angle.

Available sizes

  • • #14 x 1.5”
  • • #14 x 2”
  • • #14 x 2.5”

Available colors

Bright White


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